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No Hassle

We generate leads for our partners by independently setting up performance marketing campaigns and landing pages for them. We also take care of API connections.

No Cost Risk

We deliver leads to our partners at a fixed price. This allows for better planning on both sides and for us to take on the full responsibility for a steady good performance.

Maximum Reach

Schubkraft Digital represents an additional marketing channel that scales without effort on your part and additionally offers a remuneration based on your target CPL.

About us

Schubkraft ist Germany's No. 1 for Lead Generation as a Service...!

We generate Leads for our partners by building optimized landingpages with high reach through performance marketing campaigns for you. 

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Schubkraft is No. 1 in Germany for Lead Generation as a Service. We generate leads for our partners by building optimized landing pages and achieving high reach for them through performance marketing campaigns. We generate inquiries for our partners. To do this, we independently set up marketing campaigns and landing pages.



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+49 (0) 30 81455246



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